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What is powder coating?

Powder Coat is paint in the form of a dry powder, applied electrostatically to an item, then cured in an oven.  


When the painted item reaches a temperature of around 200°C the dry powder then 'flows' into a wet form and cures to a hard, uniform finish that is tougher than conventional wet paints. Powder Coat can be used on most metals including steel, aluminium, cast iron and wrought iron.

What do we have available for you?

It is suitable for both interior and exterior uses, and, particularly when applied with zinc rich primers, offers excellent protection for the metal. It is available in numerous finishes, ranging from matt to semi-gloss to full gloss. It can be smooth, hammered, rough or fine textured, leather-look or metallic.


Powders are readily available in standard colours from the RAL and BS ranges, and a colour matching service is also offered if required. At Foremost Coatings we have in excess of 250 powders of different colours and textures in stock, and can order many more in short timescales if needed.

Powder coating in Lingfield

From auto restorations to garden gates

Choose powder coating for:

  • Machine parts

  • Household appliances

  • Gates

  • Window frames

  • Ironmongery

  • Alloy wheels

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  • Radiators

  • Motorbike frames

  • Bicycle frames

  • Auto parts

  • Garden ornaments

  • Garden furniture

Powder coating in progress A powder coated alloy wheel