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Glass bead

Glass bead is the process of removing surface deposits by firing fine glass beads at pressure without damaging the surface.


It is excellent for use on non-ferrous metals such as carburetors, motorbike barrels and heads, and on glass or plastics such as acrylic for frosting.


Glass beading is also used to prepare aluminium parts for anodising.

Blast cleaning in Lingfield

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Grit blasting

We use a metal grit called chilled iron, which has excellent blast cleaning capabilities for a wide range of metals and gives a smoother finish than sand blasting. It is ideal for :


• Removal of rust, paint and scale from steel, iron and larger aluminium castings

• Removing light powder coat

• Keying metal for painting

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Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide is coarser than glass bead. It is used to give a smooth finish on more delicate metals like sheet metal or thin aluminium that might otherwise distort due to heat build up caused by coarser media. It is typically used to prepare metals for powder coating, for you to paint, electroplating or just to achieve a finish.

Blast Cleaning in progress